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Job Reference ID:  59150 
Grade:  28 
Posted Date:  10/16/2020 
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Job Description

This position will remain open untilbusiness needs are met.

ArizonaDepartment of Revenue

Funding Arizona’s future through excellence in innovation,customer service and continuous improvement.

The Arizona Department of Revenue is consistently striving towards recruitingindividuals who are committed to providing quality services to the citizens of Arizonaand are passionate about creating solutions to the ever-evolving decisionsfaced within state government.


Weoffer all full-time employees a multitude of statewide Benefit Optionsincluding 10 paid holidays per year, as well as Revenue specific benefits suchas Teleworking opportunity.


Join the Arizona Department of Revenue as your next career advancement andhelp to make the Grand Canyon state even better by exemplifying our mission of“Serving Taxpayers”.


Click on the Arizona Department of Revenue to learnmore about your great agency.



AllArizona State employees operate within the Arizona Management System (AMS), anintentional, results-driven approach for doing the work of state governmentwhereby every employee reflects on performance, reduces waste and commits tocontinuous improvement with sustainable progress. Through AMS, every stateemployee seeks to understand customer needs, identify problems, improveprocesses and measure results.



Data Governance Lead

Processing Division

1600 W. Monroe Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007

 Job Summary

This position will remain open untilbusiness needs are met.


The Arizona Department of Revenue is currently seeking amotivated, innovative and solutions driven individual to work as our new DataGovernance Lead. The Data GovernanceLead will have a deep understanding of data as a business asset which must begoverned and managed, and which can be leveraged to drive insights, managerisk, and deliver value.

This individual will champion theimplementation of a data management framework based on industry-wide standardsand drive strategic engagement of Department of Revenue's data governanceprogram. The Data Governance Lead will collaborate with internal business andtechnology leaders to establish policies, practices and organizationalprocedures around data governance. This individual will be the change agent whowill drive the agency towards its goals in data management maturity.


 Job Duties

Essentialduties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

·  Collaborate with line of business data owners to assess,prioritize and mitigate risks that may affect business operations andregulatory compliance resulting from data quality issues; responds promptly tocustomer needs; takes a customer-centric approach to problem solving related todata management; solicits customer feedback to improve service; responds torequests for service and assistance; meets commitments.

·      Drive efforts to educate executives, employees and customersthe strategic value of data and its important role as a business asset anddecision making tool along with a thorough knowledge of interrelationshipsamong various internal and external organizational functions.

·   Establish and monitor data quality efforts and providedivision leadership a path to resolution of data issues and develops methods tomonitor program or area progress and takes corrective action when needed.

·   Establish and Coordinates council meetings, follows up ondeliverables as a result of council meetings, provides updates to divisionleadership of issues that arise.

·  Work with division leadership to develop and promoteadoption and implementation of data policies and data strategy.


 Pre-Employment Requirements

Valid Arizona driver's license.

Candidates for this position will be required to submit to aCriminal History Investigation, Tax Filing Records and Employment Verificationcheck prior to an official job offer.


 Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge of

·       Knowledge of statistical and analytical methods and models.

·       Strategic planning and in development of production modelsresource allocation.

·       Basic systems development life cycles.

·       Project Management, Change Management and Time Managementprinciples.

·       Contemporary business methods.

·       High level mathematical knowledge and solid understanding ofstatistical principles.

·     Deep understanding of data as a business asset which must begoverned and managed, and which can be leveraged to drive insights, managerisk, and deliver value.


Skilled  in

·       Creative thinking, logic and reasoning regarding review andanalysis of data.

·       Mathematical judgment in considering relative costs andbenefits of proposals and programs.

·       Concentration in determining if and when complex tasks canbenefit from systems and automation solutions.

·       High level organization skills.

·       Display helpful and welcoming communication skills.

·       Superior computer literacy skills.


Ability  to

· Comprehension of situations and conversations and requests -Listen and provide clear and thorough communications.

·       Provide inductive and deductive reasoning, especially withthe more complex situations.

·       Extreme attention to detail.

·       Ability to identify measures and indicators of systems andprocesses relative to objectives.

·       Ability to express information clearly and concisely.

·   Ability to learn and apply LEAN concepts, principles andtools used to create and deliver perspectives with fewest resources withcontinuous problem solving.


 Selective Preferences

The ideal candidate for this position will have:

·       Minimum 3 years’ experience with the IRS and/ora state taxing authority.

·       Bachelor's degree in Accounting or a relatedfield preferred.

·       Subject matter expert on the use of Oracle orSQL based systems.



The State of Arizona provides a world classcomprehensive benefits package including:

·       Holidays – 10 paid per year. SickLeave – 12 days per year. No accrual or carryover limits.

·       A robust and affordableinsurance plan that includes medical, dental, vision, life insurance,short-term and long-term disability options.

·       A top ranked Arizona StateRetirement System (ASRS) with 100% employer matched contributions (Enrollmenteligibility will be effective after 27 weeks of employment).

·       Upto $5,250 for tuition reimbursement available to seek further careeradvancement or certification in Continuing Professional Education.

·       Work-life balance andadditional options for life betterment such as the Infant at Work Program,Alternate Work Schedule and Telework opportunity.


 Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact the DOR Human Resourcesoffice at [email protected] or at 602.716.6950 for assistance.


All newly hiredemployees will be subject to E-Verify Employment Eligibility Verificationprogram. Arizona State Government is an AA/EOE/ADA Reasonable AccommodationEmployer.

Position Requirements
Position Level:    Hours:   
 Work Arrangement:     Employment Type:   
Hourly Rate:  $0.00 / per hour  Salary:  $80,000.00-85,000.00 


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